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Concorde’s proprietary, maintenance-free, valve-regulated lead acid deep cycle batteries, employ non-spillable absorbed glassmat (AGM) technology. Immobilized electrolyte and thick lead calcium plates are compressed within a microfibrous silica glass mat envelope which provides excellent electrolyte absorption and retention with greater contact surface to plates compared to gelled batteries, resulting in higher capacity ratings and cyclic performance. Concorde Sun Xtender batteries have a a lower self discharge rate—five times better than flooded batteries. Expected life cycles are 5000 cycles to 10% DOD, 1000cycles to 50% DOD. UL listed as a recognized system component. Meet DOT transportation requirements and are not restricted for shipment because they are exempted from hazardous materials category. All have copper alloy terminals and silicon bronze bolts. One year warranty on all concorde batteries.
Concorde SUN XTENDER® Batteries are perfect for mobile & back-up power systems.
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Model #Amp HourVoltageSize inches
(L x W x H)
WeightPart #Price
PVX-340T34127.71 x 5.18 x 6.8925A9905082 $ 157.00
PVX-490T49128.99 x 5.45 x 8.8236A9905092 $ 195.00
PVX-690T691210.22 x 6.60 x 8.9351A9905052$ 253.00
PVX-890T891212.90 x 6.75 x 8.9670A9905102 $ 308.00
PVX-1040T1041212.01 x 6.60 x 8.9366A9905062 $ 274.00
PVX-1080T1081212.90 x 6.75 x 8.9662A9905072 $ 352.00
PVX-2120L2121220.76 x 8.70 x 9.77138A9905042 $ 656.00
PVX-2580L2581220.76 x 10.89 x 9.77165A9905032 $ 783.00
PVX-2240T224610.28 x 7.06 x 9.9267A9905022 $ 342.00
PVX-6480T648212.90 x 6.75 x 8.9670A9905112 $ 442.00
Prices may change with very short notice from the manufacturer. Please check with us for current pricing.
Copper Alloy Terminals for improved electrical connections. No exposed lead terminals. This change was incorporated to improve environmental safety and health.
Threaded insert terminals are recessed to prevent short circuits across battery connections.
New cover is flast top design. No protruding or exposed vent valves.
Built in lifting handles, except PVX-490T, PVX-560T, and PVX-2240L.
Reinforced container walls to reduce bulging.
High Impact Strength Copolymer Polypropylene Case and Cover.
Completely Sealed Valve Regulated Construction.
Immobilized Electrolyte Non-Spillable.
Maintenance Free Design Never Requires Watering.
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Micro-porous Glass Separators retain electrolyte.
Flame Arresting Pressure Requlated Safety Valves.
UL Recognized Systems Component.
Positive Plates - Proprietary Lead Calcium Alloy - Negative Plates - Lead Calcium.
Low Self Discharge Rate Approximately 1% per month at 25 C (77 F).
Operatee over a Wide Range of Temperatures from -40 C (-40 F) to +72 C (+160 F).
Classified as "Non-Spillable Battery" for Transport.
Most Part Numbers comply with DOT HMR49, Non-Hazardous Materials.

Concorde Sun Xtender® Batteries are the Original "AGM" (Absorbent Glass Mat) Technology Adopted by the U.S. Military and Worldwide Airframe Manufacturers.
Deep cycle unique high density plate technology provides superior reliability, power & extended cycle life.
Valve regulated (VR), sealed non-spillable design never needs watering, is maintenance free and operates upright, on its side or end.
Low impedance design with excellent charge acceptance – no current limit with controlled voltage charging.
Shockproof high impact reinforced case restrains bulging. / Copper alloy corrosion free connections for maximum conductivity.
Sun Xtender® Providing Safe, Reliable Power Solutions Worldwide Since 1987 / Crafted for Quality in the U.S.A.
Sun Xtender® Batteries are Environmentally Friendly and is 100% Recyclable
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