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railroad_remote_solar_power Solar Electric Power Systems for Railroad Applications
Our Remote Railroad Solar/Wind Systems are a complete remote power solution for providing solar electric power for all types of railroad applications.
Designed for the rugged demands of the railroad industry.
Each Railroad Solar system is designed uniquely to site specific applications.

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Intermediate Signal 1440 Watt Solar Array, 40 Watt Hybrid Power with a 20 Day Reserve.
720 Watt Solar Array with Wind Hybrid Generator Backup system

Railroad Solar
Sun Map
Intermediate Signal 1440 Watt Solar Array, 40 Watt Hybrid Power with a 20 Day Reserve. Railroad Remote Power System Applications
* Wayside Signaling
* Intermediate and Approach Lit Signals
* Repeater Locations
* Detectors for Hot Boxes
* Grade Crossings
* Power Supplies for Telecommunication
* Control Points
* Electric Switch Locks
* AEI Equipment
* Detectors for Dragging Equipment
* Solar Power Supplies for Railcar
* Switch Machines
* 2-Volt Controllers and Track Circuit Systems
* Battery Replacement Primary
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