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Klein 12
Klein 12" Heavy-Weight Hacksaw # 701-12
  • A rugged, heavy-duty saw with the versatility to satisfy professional requirements.
  • Greater weight means a faster job.
  • Permits efficient one-hand use where necessary.
  • Blade cuts fully through to a flat surface.
  • Converts easily from vertical to horizontal position for full-flush cutting.
  • Durable, tubular steel frame, die-cast zinc handles with blue finish.
  • Pivot-action front end with slotted tensioning rod permits maximum tightening of blade for more efficient sawing and longer blade life.
  • Curved front-end design for comfortable two-hand use.
  • Storage for extra blades in tubular steel frame.
  • Supplied with one Golden Tri-Cut blade.
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Klein  Golden Tri-Cut Replacement Hacksaw Blades 1200BI-P.
Klein Golden Tri-Cut Replacement Hacksaw Blades # 1200BI-P
  • Unique design provides three teeth sizes on one blade.
  • Has 32 teeth/inch up front for quick starts, 24 teeth/inch in the middle and 18 teeth/inch on the end for fast and smooth conventional cutting.
  • Special high-speed steel teeth fused to carbon-steel provide superior cutting action and long life.
  • Reclosable heavy-vinyl, seal-tight pouch of ten blades.
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